Electronic Prayer Book

19. Someone To Show You the Road

You cannot make your way into holy Scriptures without having someone to go before you and show you the road. … The science of the Scriptures is the only one which all persons indiscriminately claim as their own! This science the babbling old woman, the doting old man, the wordy sophist, take upon themselves; they tear it to tatters and teach before they themselves have learned. . . . Coming by chance to the study of the Scriptures . . . they fancy what they titter is the law of God, not deigning to learn what the prophets and the Apostles taught. Rather they accommodate to their interpretation the most incongruous passages, as if this were something great instead of a most faulty method of teaching, distorting sentences and forcing the reluctant Scriptures to their own whims.

ST. JEROME (ca. 400)