Electronic Prayer Book

4. Symbolism In the Bible

One stream flows out from the throne of God, and that is the Grace of the Holy Spirit, and that Grace of the Holy Spirit is in the Holy Scriptures, that is in the stream of the Scriptures. Yet has that stream twin banks, the Old Testament and the New, and the Tree planted on either side is Christ….
When I read the Gospel and find there testimonies from the Law and from the Prophets, I see only Christ; I so see Moses and the Prophets that I understand them of Christ. Then when I come to the splendor of Christ Himself, and when I gaze at that glorious sun-light, I care not to look at the lamplight. For what light can a lamp give when it is lit in the daytime? If the sun shines out, the lamplight does not show. So, too, when Christ is present the Law and Prophets do not show. Not that I would detract from the Law and the Prophets; rather do I praise them in that they show forth Christ. But I so read the Law and the Prophets as not to abide in them but from them to pass to Christ.

ST. JEROME (ca. 408)