Electronic Prayer Book

A Lenten Prayer


Hear O Lord, and have mercy upon us for we have sinned against you.

King high exalted, all the world’s redeemer, to your children lift their eyes with weeping: Christ, we implore you, hear our supplications.

Right hand of the Godhead, headstone of the corner, path of salvation, gate of Heaven’s kingdom, cleanse Your people stained with their transgressions.

We, Your eternal majesty entreating, make lamentation in Your holy hearing, graciously pardon our sins.

Humbly do we, who have sinned against you, confess all our misdoings, hidden now no longer: may Your redeeming mercy find us pardon.

Led away captive, guiltless, unresting, brought by false witness unto death for sinners, Christ, keep us whom Your blood has ransomed.

Hear, O Lord, and have Your mercy upon us, for we have sinned against you.