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A Welcome to Anglican Catholics

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We welcome very warmly those Anglicans who, after a time of extensive discernment, have taken the step to be received into the Roman Catholic Church. Most will have read the appropriate official documents associated with this new process of Anglicans entering into full communion with the Catholic Church while retaining elements of their Anglican patrimony. Thus we have not reproduced any of them here. 

We do, however, wish to acknowledge the faithfulness of these people in their Anglican setting, maintaining a strict vigilance in matters of doctrine and worship. We hope you will find the step you have taken to be spiritually fruitful.

This web site is associated with the traditional Latin Liturgical Books. Some parts of the Anglican Church have been very closely associated with these since the early 19th Century. We have several Anglican Missals and Prayer Books which demonstrate the close development of prayers and devotions. We therefore consider it very appropriate to express the warmest affection for our Anglican friends who value the opportunity to uphold and develop their treasured heritage as members of the Catholic Church. In acknowledgement of this heritage we will include portions of Anglican Biblical studies such as those of Dr. J. Ryle, among others.

It is our privilege also to welcome to this web site any Christians who wish to peruse this ‘Electronic Prayer Book’ and perhaps make use of some of the prayers and readings. You will find that no previous experience is required to use them.

The Electronic Prayer Book attempts to bring to the general reader some of the richness of the Roman Breviary and Roman Missal. Both of these Liturgical Books commenced their development over 1500 years ago. They were re-authorised in 1962 by Pope St. John XXIII. We incorporate only authorised modern English translations — all with approval as appropriate.

Another special feature of the EPB is that it is part of a Hebrew Catholic network. It is constantly undergoing review of contents to reflect better the richness and enhanced spiritual depth this association brings.