Traditional Catholic Teaching

Morning Prayer — Ash Wednesday — Lent

Part 1. From the Divine Office


     O Lord, open my lips.
And my mouth shall proclaim Your praise.

     O God, come to my assistance,
O Lord, make haste to my help me.

     Glory be to the Father, and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.

     As it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be,
world without end. Amen.

     Praise be to you, Lord, King of eternal glory.


Lenten Acclamations For Reflection:—
Acknowledging our sinfulness, our need of repentance, and expressing our strong desire to be restored fully to God's household.

During Lent these morning acclamations are taken from the Mass of the day. Any one of them can be recited as an antiphon before and after the psalm, or be simply the subject of a meditation.

  • Let us change our garments for ashes and sackcloth: let us fast and   lament before the Lord: for plenteous in mercy is our God to forgive our sins.

Joel 2: 13

  • Between the porch and the altar, the priests, the Lord's ministers, shall weep and shall say: "Spare, O Lord, spare your people: and close not the mouths of those who sing to you
    O Lord".

    Joel 2: 17;
    Esther 13: 17
  • Let us amend for the better in those things in which we have sinned through ignorance, lest suddenly, overtaken by the day of death, we seek time for repentance and are not able to find it. Attend, O Lord, and have mercy: for we have sinned against You. Help us, O God, our Saviour; and because of the glory of Your name,
    O Lord, deliver us.

    Esther 13;
    Joel 2;
    Psalm 78: 9
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