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The Christian Calendar

This calendar is based on that provided by the Fraternity of St Peter. We recommend you either print their calendar or this one and enter relevant dates by referring to their’s on-line. It is worth having your own copy of a liturgical calendar – it makes following the year very straight forward. You will quickly become adept at using it.

In terms of following the calendar here are a few tips.

1.  Advent always begins the 4th Sunday before 25 December.
     This will take you through without having to check anything
     until the days after Christmas.

2.  From then till 6th January you will need to check out the
     sequence of days which vary a little each year.

3.  From Epiphany you follow the EPB through till
     Septuagessima Sunday.

4.  Then you follow through to Ash Wednesday and are on a
     “conveyor belt” through Lent, Easter, to Ascension and

5.  You simply follow Sundays after Pentecost through until the
     last which is always the one before Advent Sunday. (see 1, above)

6.  If the calendar provided by the Fraternity of St. Peter indicates
     some festival on a Sunday which is not on our list, these are
     alternative options, but it is perfectly acceptable to use what is
     provided in our Prayer Book. It is easy to keep on track by
     looking at thew Sundays before or after a particular date.

Thus the only “awkward” time to be careful of is the days from
26 December to 14 January.

Check these carefully on the calendar. 



Sundays of the Christian Year


Other Special Celebrations


Recommendation: Either click on Fraternity of St Peter to check where the Church Year is at; or enter dated in the left column.


First Sunday in Advent




Second Sunday in Advent




Third Sunday in Advent




Fourth Sunday in Advent




Christmas Day [25 December]


The Sunday after Christmas


The Holy Innocents [28 December]





The Epiphany of the Lord
[Nearest Sunday]



Holy Family
(See Note 1)


The Octave Day of Christmas
[Eight days after the Nativity]

Holy name of Jesus
[Between 1 and 6 January]

The Epiphany of the Lord
[6 January or nearest Sunday]

The Baptism of the Lord


Second Sunday after Epiphany#
(See Note 2)




Third Sunday after Epiphany


Fourth Sunday after Epiphany


Fifth Sunday after Epiphany


Sixth Sunday after Epiphany







Presentation in the Temple
[2 February]







Ash Wednesday

[Beginning of Lent] 


First Sunday in Lent 


Second Sunday in Lent 


Third Sunday in Lent


Fourth Sunday in Lent


Passion Sunday in Lent


Palm Sunday



[Start of Holy Week]


          Holy Week




          Holy Monday




          Holy Tuesday




          Holy Wednesday




          Holy Thursday




          Good Friday




          Holy Saturday


 Easter Sunday


          Octave of Easter


 [Start of Easter Octave]


          Easter Monday




          Easter Tuesday


          Easter Wednesday


          Easter Thursday



          Easter Friday



          Easter Saturday

          Into Low Sunday after Easter   


Low Sunday after Easter

Second Sunday after Easter

Third Sunday after Easter

Fourth Sunday after Easter

Fifth Sunday after Easter

Sunday within the
Octave of the Ascension







          Ascension of the Lord 


Pentecost Sunday




[Start of Pentecost]


          Octave of Pentecost


          Pentecost Monday


          Pentecost Tuesday


          Pentecost Wednesday


          Pentecost Thursday


          Pentecost Friday


          Pentecost Saturday





Trinity Sunday * (See Note 1)




Second Sunday after Pentecost # (See Note 2)


          Corpus Christi 


Third Sunday after Pentecost


          Sacred Heart of Jesus


Fourth Sunday after Pentecost


Fifth Sunday after Pentecost


Sixth Sunday after Pentecost


Seventh Sunday after Pentecost


Eighth Sunday after Pentecost




Ninth Sunday after Pentecost


Tenth Sunday after Pentecost




Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost


Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost


Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost


Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost


Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost


Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost


Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost


Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost


Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost


Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost




Twenty-first Sunday after Pentecost


Twenty-second Sunday after Pentecost


Twenty-third Sunday after Pentecost


Christ The King

[Last Sunday of October between 25 and 31 October]


Twenty-fourth Sunday after Pentecost



Twenty-fifth Sunday after Pentecost

Twenty-sixth Sunday after Pentecost



Last Sunday after Pentecost


* Note: 1 Twice in the Church Year, namely the first Sunday After Epiphany and first Sunday after Pentecost, the Sunday celebrations have been superceded by The Holy Family and Trinity Sunday respectively. However, on the weekdays following these, the ‘superceded’ Collect Prayer, as provided in the above links, is used.


# Note: 2. Twice in the Christian Year the Church assigns the title “Throughout the Year” or “Ordinary Time” to two periods of time. For the sake of simplicity we call these:-

- Time After Epiphany
- Time After Pentecost

Thus “Epiphany 2″ would indicate the second Sunday after Epiphany; and also can refer to the 2nd week after Epiphany. We should note that the material attached to each link under those titles is not specifically associated with either Epiphany or Pentecost.




Verification of Dates

The following web sites provide a liturgical calendar updated each year. We base ours on the first in the list.

1. Fraternity of St. Peter
2. Latin Mass Society
3. Traditio