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Church & Bible

Twenty one Lessons From Two Millenia of Catholic Teaching on the Church and its Sacred Scruptures

  1. The Bible – A Garden In Which To Walk
  2. God’s Method of Persuasion
  3. Conceiving and Bringing Forth the Divine Word
  4. Symbolism In the Bible
  5. High Truths Concealed In Scriptures
  6. Benefits of Scripture
  7. A Two-edged Sword
  8. A Book To Be Meditated
  9. Quoting and Understanding Scripture
  10. Making Scripture Mean What You Want
  11. Power of God’s Word
  12. Error Cannot Co-exist With Inspiration
  13. Homely Speech
  14. Scripture Supports Scripture
  15. Many Meanings In a Single Passage
  16. Faith In the Authority of Scripture
  17. No Error
  18. Chief Law of Interpretation
  19. Someone To Show You the Road
  20. The Folly of Private Interpretation
  21. Catholic Veneration of the Bible