Electronic Prayer Book

Devotions During Lent

Section 1: General Introductions To Lent
Section 2: The Season of Lent

A. Some Terms

B. Ash Wednesday to End of 4th Week


          1. Teaching Note

         4. 2nd Sunday in Lent

          2. Ash Wednesday

         5. 3rd Sunday in Lent

          3. 1st Sunday in Lent

         6. 4th Sunday in Lent


C. Passion Sunday to End of Holy Week

Section 3: Explanation (Analysis) of the Sunday Gospels in Lent.

(From the Italian of Angelo Cagnola)


               Lent 1

Lent 2

Lent 3

               Lent 4

Passion Sunday*

Palm Sunday*


* The period from Passion Sunday to the Saturday of Holy Week (day before Easter Day) is often referred to as “Passiontide”.

Section 4: The Spiritual Meaning of Days In Lent


          1. 1st  Sunday

          4. 4th Sunday

          7. Maunday Thursday

          2. 2nd Sunday

          5. Passion Sunday

          8. Good Friday

          3. 3rd Sunday

          6. Palm Sunday

          9. Holy Saturday


Section 5: Private Devotions

Strongly recommended for use on Good Friday and any Friday throughout the year.