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We offer the following explanations of Christian meditation to assist you in your spiritual life. By meditation we mean what is traditionally called “Lectio Divina”. In English this could be translated Divine Reading but the real meaning is reading (in the Biblical meaning of the word) either the Sacred Scriptures or well written material explaining those things taught in the Scriptures. This is not just spiritual reading, but giving our best attention to hearing with the ears of the heart what the recorded text is passing on to us, and then allowing ourselves to respond in prayer. Each of the references below offers helpful insights into this ancient Christian practice of meditation, in the Biblical meaning, and reflection on the Sacred Scriptures of the Holy Bible.

  1. Spiritual Reading – Old & New Testaments.
  2. An Introduction To Meditation on the Gospels – Bishop Prohaszka
  3. See, Judge, Act
  4. Lectio Divina – Benedictine
  5. The Art of Conversing with God In Meditation – Canon Paul Mark
  6. Scripture Meditation: A Hebrew Catholic Prespective
Appendix: The Christian Year
Our Recommendation

Read and meditate each week as you are able on the Gospel for the coming Sunday, as presented in the lectionary of the Church Year (or as in your Missal). There are many devotional aids available which comment on the readings for each Sunday or major festival, and these can guide us in our practice of mental prayer.

*Reprinted with permission from www.traditionalcatholicteaching.com