Electronic Prayer Book

Personal and Family Devotions

Recalling the Presence of God

Countless teachers of the Christian Spiritual life have encouraged us to pause and rest a few moments whilst remembering we are in the presence of God. It is a time to just be with God without trying to fill the mind with things we could or should be doing. Sometimes a picture or statue can help us focus. It is a devotion of utter simplicity and should not be cluttered or complicated.

Reflecting On the Divine Office

Part 1, of Morning and Evening Prayer, highlights some elements from the Breviary as appointed for the day and provide us with a selection of rich and beautiful thoughts on which we can meditate any time we choose.

Sing Hymns to the Lord

This is such a simple but beautiful devotion just about anyone can do. Select a favourite hymn and follow the words in a reflective mood whether singing aloud or silently in your heart.


We often think we shouldn’t take on meditation unless we have plenty of time. Meditation can be entered into for anything from 2 — 3 minutes to half an hour. Our section on Meditation may assist you. We learn by doing it more than by reading about it. So, try it and consider building it into your daily routine.


Part 2 of the Morning and Evening Prayer offers material suitable for meditation.