Electronic Prayer Book

Appendix – Prayers of Dedication


We recommend that an area specifically set up as a private household oratory receive a formal blessing by a priest. The attached format offers an informal dedication whilst formal blessing is awaited.
In particular, we strongly commend the formal blessing referred to as the “Enthronement of the Sacred Heart”. This establishes a very special tie between one’s home and the sanctuary where one worships. In the case of those living a great distance from their chosen church or religious community, the spiritual link is just as powerful and beneficial; even more so since they may be able to attend that Church or religious community only on rare occasions. Their Sacred Heart shrine is, in a manner, a centre of our Lord’s presence in the home corresponding to the Tabernacle of Christ’s Real Presence in their Church or religious community. Consultation with a priest will guide the preparation for this ceremony. We give the strongest possible commendation in support of this unique gracious privilege which the Church extends to those who request it.

Click here for one model of an oratory blessing.