Electronic Prayer Book

Some Terms


Ash Wednesday is the 40th day (not including Sundays which are never days of fasting) before Easter Day, i.e. the day of Christ’s Resurrection.

Passion Sunday is the 2nd Sunday before Easter, and begins a time of more intense focus on the events leading up to our Lord’s Passion and Death.

Palm Sunday (follows Passion Sunday) commences Holy Week which leads up to Easter.

“Catechumens” is the title used for people attending instruction and preparing to become baptised members of Christ’s body: His Church.

“Type” refers to an emblem or figure of something or someone to come. So a “type” prefigures something or someone yet to come and fulfil an expectation.

“Acceptable time”. The Prophet Isaiah spoke of “an acceptable time” (Is 49: 8): a time when God would choose to show His loving-kindness and mercy. St Paul in 2 Cor. 6: 2 indicates that time prophesied by Isaiah has arrived — the Messiah has come. God is manifesting in Jesus His desire to show compassion, hear prayer and have mercy on anyone who would turn to Him. The sincere sentiments of those who repent of sin and, then turn to Him will be “acceptable”.