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The Spiritual Meaning of the Days of Lent

Friday of Holy Week
Good Friday

Again, as we commemorate today the Crucifixion of Christ, we are made vividly aware of the all-embracing Love of God. We are told in Holy Scripture that no man can show greater love for his friends than by sacrificing his life for them. This our Lord did in His Passion and Death, laying down His earthly life that we may enjoy eternal life.

Christ died for the salvation of every man and woman in the world, from the first created human being to the last who will live upon the earth. If we are not His friends, for whom He gave everything, we have only ourselves to blame. If we would be His friends, we too must exercise Christ-like love of God and man. Each one of us must strive to love God with our whole strength and our neighbour as ourself. This is the Lesson of the Cross which we must learn by following in the Way of the Cross. The Mystery of the Cross is the Mystery of Love.