Electronic Prayer Book

Spiritual Reading


1. Take any Scripture reading, or a passage from either “The Gospel Story”, “It Is Paul Who Writes”, or “Waiting For Christ” the accompanying notes (which form a commentary in modern colloquial language), and read them slowly and thoughtfully.

2. Likewise with the Old Testament: read the passage attentively remembering that it is the inspired Word of God as is the New Testament. Rejoice in the wisdom and intimacy which the passages reflect, and respond to the constant urgent and pressing message from God: “Return to me and live in my Divine Presence, faithfull to My Law”.

3. When you come across a thought, which seems to attract you, pause, reflect and dwell on it. Let it open up and enrich you. Do not be in a hurry to move on. Respond in prayer within, as you feel led by the Holy Spirit. If and when ready, only then carry on. You do not have to finish the passage or the accompanying notes.

4. Return to the reading during the week or whenever you wish, and repeat the process. The process in itself may seem unspectacular yet the resulting communion with God will, progressively, be its own reward.

5. This simple approach can be used by anyone who is able to read or listen to a reading. It has been the only method used by some of the great Sages & Prophets of the Old Testament, and by many of the greatest Saints thoughout the history of the Christian Church. It can be our approach to meditation too, if we choose.