Electronic Prayer Book

The Spiritual Meaning of the Days of Lent

4.9 Saturday in Holy Week Vigil of the Resurrection — Holy Saturday

We have solemnly commemorated the soul-stirring events of Holy Week. Now, in mystery, we relive the most significant fact of history. We are told by St. Paul that if the Resurrection of Christ had not been overwhelmingly certified, the preaching of the, Apostles, the suffering of the Martyrs and the life of the Mystical Body would be in vain. This is the Paschal Feast, in which the Lamb of God was slain, by Whose Blood the faithful are consecrated, in which Christ broke the chains of sin and rose victorious over death.

Let the angelic choirs of heaven rejoice let the trumpet of salvation salute the victory of so great a King; let Holy Mother Church rejoice; let the whole earth rejoice ! Now is it truly right and just to proclaim with all the love of heart and mind the invisible God, the, Father almighty and His only Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, Who has been sacrificed. Therefore, let us keep the feast with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth.