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The Spiritual Meaning of the Days of Lent

4.7 Thursday of Holy Week.
Thursday of the Lord’s Supper — Maundy Thursday

The keynote of the Christian Religion is Charity, or Love. And divine Love is the theme of this commemoration of Christ’s institution of the Sacrament of Love. We learn today the compelling charity of our Lord, which caused Him to give to His Church the Eucharistic Sacrifice and Sacrament, together with the Priesthood. Through these sublime agencies, He continues His divine presence among us until the end of time.

In writing of the Eucharist, St. Paul warns us that charity on our part is indispensible to a worthy reception of Holy Communion. In his Gospel, St. John, knowing that charity is the chief fruit of Communion, describes our Lord’s humility in washing the feet of His followers. He performed this symbolic act of love, during the course of the Last Supper that we, being empowered by His Sacramental Body, might’ imitate Him in the exercise of loving solicitude (anxious concern) for others.