Electronic Prayer Book



This Electronic Prayer Book web site is under construction

This Electronic Prayer Book (EPB) has been designed to bring you, daily, the treasures of Sacred Scripture and the Liturgical Books of the Church, as they are known: the Roman Breviary and the Roman Missal. [These two books are an arrangement of Scripture and prayers for daily use in the Christian life.] The texts used are ecclesiastically approved English translations of the traditional Latin texts which were given formal approbation for general use in 1962 by Pope John XXIII.

Some readers may wonder why we have chosen to use here the “traditional” texts rather than the modern publications. First, the modern texts are easily accessed and we encourage readers to use them. The ancient texts are not easily obtained and we felt we could offer them for those who wanted to use a one-year cycle of prayer and Scripture reading.

A very special purpose in employing the older traditional Breviary and Missal, is to demonstrate how faithful the Church has been for 2,000 years in its respect for its Jewish heritage. This is clearly seen in its use of the Hebrew Scriptures as well as liturgical principles and practices which have their foundation in the traditions of Temple and Synagogue worship.

This Prayer Book is located within the network of the Association of Hebrew Catholics: N. Z. Branch. We welcome all our visitors to use this Prayer Book. Progressively from late 2014 through 2015, the site will be reviewed and additional contributions, Jewish and other, will be added throughout. Readers are welcome to  contact us via the AHC-NZ web-site with any suggestions.

The heritage this ePrayer Book brings to readers contains many elements from the Liturgy of the Synagogue, eg Psalms, Canticles, Scripture reading and reflection offered daily to God. As will be evident by the front page, all the Scriptures, prayers and other writings are aimed at helping us know, love and serve our Lord Jesus Christ. He is the fulfillment of all prophecy: the Anointed One — He is the Messiah and the Word of God.

Using the Electronic Prayer Book is actually simple, once you become used to the routine. For the most part, even while it is under construction (through 2014 / 2015), you can go to the appropriate part using the links on the side panels. The EPB is used by Protestants as well as Roman Catholics for which we are grateful. We have therefore designed it so that no previous knowledge of this type of approach is assumed and every effort is made to help users feel “at home”. There are many explanations and site-options as you use this Electronic Prayer Book.

Readers who wish to access the official Lititurgical Books of the Church will find these readily available in various forms, printed and on-line. Our presentation seeks to offer a sample for those unable to use the full range of official materials. We suggest that to become familiar with the contents, you begin reading ‘Introduction‘, ‘How To Use‘ and ‘Why Pray?‘ which can be accessed from the right side panel under ‘sections’.

The entire contents of the Electronic Prayer Book can be accessed from the left and right side panels.  The link, “Saints of the Day” (right hand column) provides a feature we are unable to otherwise offer: i.e. brief biographical summaries and prayers associated with the calendar of the Saints’ days. These can be accessed at any stage during Morning and Evening Prayer.

May you be richly blessed in joining us in traditional Christian Prayer.